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How we intend to support you - every pupil is recognised as a unique individual

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How do we intend to support you?

At Egham Park School, every pupil is recognised as a unique individual.

We understand the importance of offering a tailored real-world curriculum that is responsive to your individual needs. Our aim is to engage, empower and equip you for your next steps into adulthood.

Nurturing Respect, Kindness and Growth are the fundamental foundations across our curriculum. We support you to build independence and become valuable members of your own community.

To do so, we devise and deliver a bespoke real-world curriculum that;

Fosters and celebrates your individual talents
Engages and challenges you in a flexible, you-centred environment
Promotes your own advocacy, offering you an opportunity to take control over your learning and personal development
Fosters a collaborative culture, across other invested stakeholders including you (the pupil)
Prepare you for your next steps
Create strong links between the four EHCP and Preparation for Adulthood areas

If you require any additional information, please read our Curriculum Policy or contact:

Nicki Foster

Principal at Egham Park School

Corey Bulmer

Head of Centre

What does this look like for you?

Pupils can engage in units and courses that result in a qualification, result in a Certificate of Achievement or a combination of both.

We strive to create a safe and challenging learning environment where you are included in your own learning and personal development.

Depending on your Key-Stage (year at school) at point of enrolment, you will complete one or two programmes of study. These programmes of study have been designed in-line with the four (EHCP outcomes) and (Preparation for Adulthood) areas. Each programme of study offers a flexible framework which can be adapted to meet your personal needs, aspirations, and areas of personal and academic development.

Key Stage 3: Engagement & Fulfilment

Based on the four EHCP areas.

Key Stage 4: Independence & Wellbeing

Based on the four Preparation for adulthood areas.