Admissions Policy

Egham Park School is committed to safeguarding the welfare of children and young people and expect all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

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December 2022December 2023   
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Egham Park School is an independent Alternative Provision of pupils in Year 7 to Year 11. The school has capacity for 10 pupils.

Policy Aims

  • To establish criteria and procedures for selection that are fair to all applicants. No applicant will be treated less favourable during the application process on the grounds of their skin colour, race gender, gender reassignment, ethnic or national origin, religious faith or belief, sexual orientation, socio-economic group, disability, special educational needs, pregnancy, or maternity.
  • To ensure that all Egham Park can meet the special educational and social, emotional, and behavioural needs of referred children and young people at the point of admission.
  • To ensure that each individual referral is dealt with efficiently and within the required timescales.
  • Provide a transparent process for the referral of prospective children and young people.
  • Ensure each setting has a structured and supportive admission and induction procedure for new children and young people.

Conditions of Admission

It is a condition for admission that:

  • All applicants meet the selection criteria for admission
  • Any conditions of entry to the school are fulfilled
  • The school can adequately cater for and meet the needs of any disability and/or special educational needs.
  • Admission to the School is at the discretion of the Principal whose decision is final.
  • We are unable to meet the needs of young people display aggressive, violent, or challenging behaviour.

Admission Procedure

Pupils may enter the school at years 7 through to 11 providing that there is space available.

The admissions procedure is as follows:

  1. The young persons Education Health Care Plan is sent to us from the Local Authority for consideration in line with our Admission criteria.
  2. The paperwork is carefully perused to establish whether Egham Park would be an appropriate placement for the young person.
  3. We will then invite the potential pupil and their parent/carer to visit the school and to meet the principal. It is during this time that all parties can consider whether the placement is likely to work. Afterward the visit everyone can take a little time to reflect upon the appropriateness of the potential placement.
  4. If all agree then the young person will be invited for a taster or a series of taster sessions so that all involved can gain a better understanding of whether Egham Park is an appropriate placement.
  5. If this is successful, we advise the local authority that we can offer a placement, and they will then put the proposal to panel to see if they will agree to fund the placement.
  6. If approved, we will then arrange for a start date for the young person.
  7. It is highly likely that many of our pupils will require a step-by-step transition plan to help them adjust to school and we create this based upon their individual needs. It is adjusted as time goes on because some young people adjust and settle quicker or slower than they originally anticipated.
  8. Some young people many need to take a step back and restart their learning from an earlier point. We work collaboratively with everyone with everyone involved to ensure we establish the right ‘level’ for the individual. An example of this is where a young person is so anxious that the priority is to get them into school. Only when they are attending more regularly can we assess their level of learning and the best ‘starting point’ for them as an individual.
  9. Once the start date has been determined, if applicable the parents/carers will need to arrange transport with the Local Authority. This can take some time.
  10. We will request the young person’s files from their previous setting and ask that parents/carers complete and respond all forms provided to them from Egham Park as quickly as possible.
  11. In collaboration with the young person, parent/carer, and relevant professionals, we will work in a bespoke integration plan for the young person to ensures that their start at Egham Park is as stress free and successful as possible. This will include baseline academic testing.

Additional Needs and Disabilities

Egham Park welcomes all applicants regardless of any learning needs and/or disabilities. However, its facilities (physical and otherwise) for pupils with physical disabilities and /or significant learning difficulties are limited.

Egham Park will do all that is reasonable to comply with the Equality Act 2010 so that the school may accommodate the needs of disabled applicants for which, with reasonable adjustments, the school can cater for sufficiently.

Egham Park will do all that is reasonable to ensure that the application process is accessible for disabled applicants and will make such reasonable adjustments as necessary, in line with the physical attributes of the property.

Parents/carers must inform the school when submitting the Registration Form of any circumstances relating to the young person that may affect their presentation in the admissions procedure, and their ability to fully participate in the education provided by the school.

Parents/carers may be invited to an initial meeting with the Principal to discuss ways in which any disadvantages could be reduced or removed from the admissions process and to ensure that the young person’s needs can be suitably met should an offer of placement be made.

Egham Park may request further information and associated correspondence from any professionals working with the young person in order to make a balanced assessment.

If after reasonable adjustments have been considered, it is felt that Egham Park cannot meet the young person’s individual needs, the Local Authority will be informed, along with the reasons why.

If additional or undisclosed needs become apparent after the admission, Egham Park will consult with parents/carers about what reasonable adjustments, if any, can be made to facilitate the continuation of the placement. If after reasonable adjustments have been considered, the school is unable to meet the needs of the pupil, an emergency annual review may be arranged in order to cease the placement and alert the Local Authority to identify an alternative placement.


In the event of any dispute regarding admissions, parents/carers are referred to the schools Complaints Policy which can be made available upon written request.


All visitors to Egham Park will follow the latest government guidance concerning Coronavirus.

The plan will be monitored, reviewed and agreed by the Senior Leadership Team