Internal Moderation Policy

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February 2023February 2024   

Policy Statement

This policy is to set out the Internal Moderation process with regard to ASDAN qualifications at Egham Park School.

The aim of this policy is to ensure that:

  • Internal moderation practices are valid and reliable, cover all tutors/assessors and meet the requirements of the awarding organisation.
  • Internal moderation procedures are fair and open.
  • Accurate and detailed records are kept of internal moderation decisions.

The Centre Will:

  • Ensure that all assessment activities are valid, appropriate and fit for purpose.
  • Apply a strategy that will provide a representative sample across all teachers/assessors.
  • Create a plan of internal moderation in relation to all assessment activities.
  • Define, maintain and support effective internal moderation roles, including the provision of training where required.
  • Provide standardised documentation to support internal moderation activity and recordkeeping.
  • Ensure that feedback and outcomes of internal and external moderation support future development of good practice.
  • Carry out an evaluation and review of internal moderation policy and procedures.

The Internal Moderation Process

Stage One

  1. Internal Moderator allocated to assessor(s).
  2. Internal Moderator approves proposed schemes of work/assessments.

Stage Two

  1. Co-ordinator ensures that Internal Moderator and assessor(s) have met.
  2. First round of formative internal moderation conducted by the Internal Moderator. Records of sampling and internal moderation decisions kept. Feedback provided to assessor(s) and stored centrally in the centre portfolio for audit purposes.
  3. Meeting held to discuss issues arising from the first round of internal moderation. Minutes recorded in portfolio.

Stage Three

  1. Third round of internal moderation conducted – documentation stored in centre portfolio.
  2. Any continuing issues addressed and signed off.
  3. Meeting held to discuss issues arising from third round of internal moderation and plan for external moderation – minutes stored in centre portfolio.

 Stage Four

  1. Co-ordinator establishes candidates and units to be put forward for external moderation.
  2. Summative internal moderation conducted to include final checking of portfolios.
  3. Arrangements made for external moderation.

Stage Five

  1. External moderation takes place.
  2. Standardisation meeting arranged to discuss feedback from external moderation and plan put in place to address any issues arising. Minutes stored in centre portfolio.


In the first instance, feedback on ongoing and completed work will be given to students as part of regular formative assessment as they progress through the relevant ASDAN award. Following each round of internal moderation, a review meeting may be held by the ASDAN lead, and feedback will be given to tutors and assessors, and to candidates where necessary. After external moderation has taken place, a review meeting will be held. Feedback will be given to tutors and assessors and an action plan will be put in place to further develop practice and address any issues arising. At the end of each academic year, a curriculum review will be held by staff.

The feedback will be captured from all stakeholders (for example parents, carers and schools via surveys and questionnaires etc) regarding the appropriateness of the qualification and delivery methods.

Questionnaires will be in the form of survey monkey but student postcards will be used as feedback also.

There will also be termly lesson observations that will be completed by the Head of Centre with the teaching staff delivering the ASDAN qualification to ensure high quality delivery and also ensure standardisation of practices.

Data Protection

Egham Park School will comply with all GDPR legislation in accordance with the Centre GDPR policy which is issued to and read by all staff at induction. ASDAN’s privacy notice can be found at