Pupils Transition and Alumni Engagement Policy

Date CreatedDate 1st Review DateDate ReviewedVersionNext Review Date
September 2023September 2024


At Egham Park School, we are committed to supporting our pupils even after they have left our school and have moved on to their next educational or career steps. Our Pupils Transition and Alumni Engagement Policy outlines the actions we will take to ensure that our former pupils continue to feel connected, and supported by our school community and receive necessary support during their transition.


Once a pupil has moved onto their next steps, where possible a member of the SLT will visit them in person during their first term at the new provider.

Welfare Calls:

  1. Yearly welfare Calls (First Academic Year Post-Graduation) from Egham Park School. The school will initiate termly welfare calls to all pupils who have left our setting during the first academic year after their departure. These calls aim to check on their wellbeing, enquire about their transition experiences, and offer assistance if required.
  2. Yearly call until the pupil reaches the age of 19. Once a pupil has completed a full academic year at their new provider, pupils and their families will be connected once per year until they reach the age of 19.

Alumni Engagement

All former pupils will be invited to join our Pupil Alumni network, which will serve as a platform for them to stay connected with their peers and the school community. This network will be accessible through our school website and social media channels.

Invitations to School Events: Former pupils may receive invitations to various school events throughout the academic year, including open days, end-of-year celebrations and other special occasions. These events will provide opportunities for alumni to reconnect with their teachers, classmates, and the school environment.

Data Protection and Consent

Data Protection: All personal data collected during welfare calls and alumni engagement efforts will be handled in compliance with applicable data protection laws and school policy. We will ensure that alumni’s privacy and consent are always respected. All data collected will be stored in the school leavers folder.

Feedback and Continuous Improvements

We welcome feedback from our former pupils regarding the effectiveness of our transition support and alumni engagement efforts. Feedback can be provided through alumni survey’s and communication channels.

The school will regularly review and refine this policy to adapt to the evolving needs and expectations of our alumni community.


Egham Park School values the continued connection with our alumni and is dedicated to facilitating a seamless transition for pupils as they move on to new stages in their lives. The Pupils Transition and Alumni Engagement Policy underscore our commitment to support our pupils beyond their time at our school.

This policy will be communicated to all stakeholders and will be made readily available on the school website for reference.