Withdrawal Policy

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February 2023February 20241
February 20242February 2025

Policy Statement

This policy addresses how we manage the termination and/or withdrawal of qualifications. The purpose of this policy is to state the procedure to be followed by our organisation in the event of a qualification or unit/s being withdrawn by the awarding body or ceasing to be offered by the awarding body.

As a general rule, at Egham Park School , we will ensure that any qualification withdrawal will be managed with the interests of the Learners foremost. We will do this by ensuring that Learners have sufficient notice to complete their qualifications and for entries and certification to be completed, and by giving guidance on alternative qualifications where necessary. We will comply with any requirements communicated to us by the regulatory authorities in regards to the withdrawal or termination of any qualifications.

In the event of short notice given by an awarding body or mid‐year withdrawal, Egham Park School will liaise with the school and ask that prior Learning will be transferred to an appropriate qualification with an alternate awarding body where possible.


This policy covers the following areas:

All qualifications, units and informal awards offered by ASDAN.
All staff and associates, qualification regulators, centre staff and Learners who are registered with our organisation.

Reasons for Withdrawing or Ceasing a Qualification

There are a number of reasons why a qualification might be withdrawn or ceased to be offered by our centre, including:

● Lack of demand for the qualification.
● Qualification no longer meets the needs of the Learner population.
● Qualification subject matter is no longer relevant.
● Units and qualifications are owned by other awarding organisations who have decided to withdraw.

Qualification Withdrawal or Cessation Process

Upon the decision being made to withdraw a qualification, a withdrawal plan will be formulated in conjunction with the Egham Park School. The plan will comply with any requirements as stated Ofqual and may include arrangements for Learners to complete programmes of work at their school.

The plan will:

  1. Specify how the interests of Learners in relation to the qualification will be protected.
  2. Detail how the withdrawal will be communicated to the awarding organisation, regulatory authorities, school and Learners providing details of all deadlines including the last date for accepting entries and the last date for certification.

The Cessation Process

In the event that any awarding body ceases the delivery of a qualification (whether voluntary or not), the following process will take place:

  1. Written process or procedure will be followed in the event of withdrawing delivery of a qualification.
  2. Learners and parents will be made aware of the withdrawal of delivery of the qualification, the reasons for it and the procedure which will be followed.
  3. We will discuss with the awarding body whether an alternative qualification can be met with already completed coursework. If not, we will liaise with the Learner’s school.
  4. There would be communication with Learners/staff demonstrating support needed where qualification has been withdrawn/ceased/changed.

The needs of Learners would continue to be shared with staff and relevant access arrangements applied.

This policy is available to Learners and their families. It can be found in the policy section of our website at https://eghamparkschool.co.uk/

All staff are aware of these policies and how to access them in order to support Learners.

This policy is reviewed annually and may be amended in response to feedback from Learners, staff, parents and external organisation.