We aim to provide pupils an experience that’s unforgettable and provide an education they need


Egham Park School is an independent Alternative Provision for pupils in Year 7 to Year 11. The school has capacity for 10 pupils.

Our Aims

  • To establish criteria and procedures for selection that are fair to all applicants. No applicant will be treated less favourable during the application process on the grounds of their skin colour, race gender, gender reassignment, ethnic or national origin, religious faith or belief, sexual orientation, socio-economic group, disability, special educational needs, pregnancy, or maternity.

  • To ensure that all Egham Park can meet the special educational and social, emotional, and behavioural needs of referred children and young people at the point of admission.

  • To ensure that each individual referral is dealt with efficiently and within the required timescales.

  • Provide a transparent process for the referral of prospective children and young people.

  • Ensure each setting has a structured and supportive admission and induction procedure for new children and young people.

Conditions of Admission

It is a condition for admission that:

  • All applicants meet the selection criteria for admission

  • Any conditions of entry to the school are fulfilled

  • The school can adequately cater for and meet the needs of any disability and/or special educational needs.

  • Admission to the School is at the discretion of the Principal whose decision is final.

  • We are unable to meet the needs of young people display aggressive, violent, or challenging behaviour.

What makes us stand out?

Egham Park welcomes all applicants regardless of any learning needs and/or disabilities.

We devise and deliver a bespoke real-world curriculum that engages and challenges pupils.

We support pupils to build independence and become valuable members of the community.

Egham Park will do all that is reasonable to accommodate the needs of disabled applicants sufficiently.

Admission process

Pupils may enter the school at years 7 through to 11 providing that there is space available

Initial Consideration

The young persons Education Health Care Plan is sent to us from the Local Authority

The paperwork is carefully perused to establish whether Egham Park would be an appropriate placement for the young person.


We will invite the potential pupil and their parent/carer to visit the school and to meet the principal

It is during this time that all parties can consider whether the placement is likely to work. After the visit everyone can take a little time to reflect upon the appropriateness of the potential placement.

Taster Sessions

The young person will be invited for a taster or taster sessions

If all agree, a taster or a series of taster sessions so that all involved can gain a better understanding of whether Egham Park is an appropriate placement.

Register with Egham Park

Egham Park School welcomes all applicants - get in touch with us to learn more.

In the event of any dispute regarding admissions, parents/carers are referred to the schools Complaints Policy which can be made available upon written request.

Admission process